3-Day Lease Option Boot Camp
"How to Profit in Real Estate Without Using Your Own Money Or Credit...Ever"
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Lease Options Boot Camp:

March 26, 27, 28 2020

Starts at 8 AM on 3/26
Starts at 9 AM on 3/27 and 3/28

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Venue TBA
"The Lease Option Boot Camp is life-changing. I urge every one of my students to attend this powerful event. It is incredible."
- Stacy K. Real Estate Investor & Educator  
Questions? Call 817-985-3195
"The Lease Option Summit is life-changing. I urge every one of my students to attend this powerful event. It is incredible."
- Stacy K. Real Estate Investor & Educator  
Three-Day Workshop: Hurry and Reserve Your Seat
John Jackson’s Lease Option Summit is a 3-day, in-person course designed to teach you proven ways to invest in real estate effectively and create financial opportunities for more income, so you can live the life of abundance and freedom you deserve and desire.

John and Joe Sesky will spend 3 intensive days going through every aspect of lease options so that at the end of the event “You’ll know more about lease options than any guru!” says John!  You’ll learn how to get involved with real estate regardless of income or credit. John and Joe will step you through exactly how to work with pretty houses instead of ugly houses using lease option assignments.  

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting off, the 3 Day Lease Option Summit is going to be a game changer for you and your real estate business.
Here Is Some Of What You'll Discover At The Event:  
Why you need a step-by-step process to buy and control property with little to no money down using the lease option method... 
How to make money on properties you control, but do not own.
Discover the twelve little known ways to create passive income so you can make money while you sleep... and is now available to anyone and everyone. 
The quickest, easiest way to profit with lease option so you can build wealth. 
You need to become a lease option expert to be successful right? Wrong! Learn this one strategy and you'll become an INSTANT expert. 
The #1 secret that separate rich from poor investor... and how to use this secret for yourself starting the day of the event.
How to structure a lease option deal for a lucrative payday, everyday.
And much more...
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Frequently Asked Questions
How is This Event Different?

If you have ever been to a weekend seminar than you were most likely disappointed because either the main speaker you wanted to see wasn’t even at the event, or, the event had multiple speakers all pitching something different!

At John’s 3 Day Bootcamp, there are no guest speakers other than John Jackson, Joe Sesky his coach, and his team members.

The event is anything BUT a pitch fest! It is 3 full days of content, content, content!

John has years of experience helping folks just like you grow their net worth using his lease option secrets.

Can I Attend More Than Once?

Absolutely! You can attend as many events as you would like, but you will need to register for each event.

Often you will pick up information that you overlooked at a prior event, and repetition certainly helps.
Can I Bring a Friend or Partner With Me?

Yes! We invite you to bring your spouse or a friend... and anyone who is open minded and ambitious for success as you are. Plus, you'll both have a chance to network.

Bringing a guest is also a great way to keep each other accountable to implement what you learn once the event has ended.

Once you register you'll also be able to invite others who may be interested in attending.   
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